Founded by Monique Sar, De Vitesse, is a prestigious influencer marketing agency that excels in providing comprehensive concierge marketing services. Recognizing the crucial need for genuine connections between brands and automotive influencers, Monique has curated a dynamic team that has positioned De Vitesse as an industry pioneer. As one of the earliest agencies in the automotive influencer marketing sphere, De Vitesse has consistently demonstrated leadership through its innovative strategies, highly engaged collaborative posts, and meticulous white-glove approach.

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Our Story

De Vitesse — which means, “of speed,” in French ๐Ÿ™‚

With a passion for the automotive industry, a keen eye for innovation, and a deep understanding of marketing strategies, our team is working toward a mission to revolutionize the way automotive brands connect with their audience.

Monique’s extensive experience and expertise in the field, combined with her relentless drive, led to the creation of De Vitesse โ€“ a dynamic agency that brings speed, creativity, and unrivaled expertise to automotive marketing.

De Vitesse embodies Monique’s commitment to delivering exceptional results and empowering automotive brands to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower automotive brands to race ahead of the competition by providing innovative, data-driven marketing solutions.

Decades of Experience

We are committed to accelerating our clients’ success through strategic planning, engaging content, and a deep understanding of the automotive industry. With our unwavering dedication to delivering measurable results, we aim to build long-lasting partnerships, fuel brand growth, and drive exceptional ROI.

Our Method

Our passion for speed, creativity, and relentless pursuit of excellence fuels our mission to be the driving force behind our clients’ success in the fast-paced world of automotive marketing. With our unique method, this isย where precision meets personalization to drive unparalleled success for your automotive brand. Together, let’s accelerate your brand’s journey to victory with De Vitesse Automotive Marketing.

Meet the pit crew

Meet the pit crew behind your automotive marketing success, where expertise, passion, and HP come together! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Monique Sar

agency owner & founder

Monique Sar โ€“ agency owner, business consultant, accomplished and enterprising individual.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Monique is continuing to leave an indelible mark on the business landscape.

She’s been into cars for as long as she can remember! Her parents were into cars, and Monique built her first car back when she was in high school! Her first car was a Honda Civic, but now she’s into Euro cars and Porsches. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Alysia Salazar

Marketing Coordinator

Alysia does a lot of web/marketing work and she has been in several customer service fields and has learned a lot from working with people.

Her empathy, attention to detail, and writing skills has lead her to a natural talent for social media content creation.

Her passion for motivating and inspiring others also shines in this area. Her hobbies outside of work are exercising, reading, traveling, cars, and eating yummy vegan food.

Alliah Chang

Marketing Assistant

She has had past experiences working in Customer Service and Marketing roles.

Her willingness to learn new knowledge and gain experiences, as well as particularity in small details, has what made her ideal for marketing and administrative work.

During her free time, she watches Netflix shows, reads, plays with her pets dogs and cats, or just simply stares at sunsets and the sky.

Want to join the team?

We are always looking for ambitious, enthusiastic and entrepreuneurial people to join our team. If this sounds like you, drop us a line with what you can bring to our company that sets you apart from anyone else.